Meow, meow, meow. Purr, purr, purr. Meow purring a meow. Purr meowing a purr. Meow then purr. Purr then meow. Meow purr, meow purr, meow meow, purr purr. Meow the meow. Purr the purr. To sum up, meow you.


We’re a global, cat-obsessed team with partners spreading across the globe. Our products are all made to order and shipped from five locations across the world; North Carolina, California, Mexico, Spain, and Latvia plus three supporting partners in Japan and Australia to help fulfill the needs of our friends in the East and down under.


Cats are fancy. And we love cats. Our artworks would only be made with quality on quality products. We use industry-leading equipment to bring you the highest production quality and world-class service. Any damaged or defective item would be replaced.

Please be informed that delivery will be longer than usual. Now is a challenging time and we are doing our very best to fulfill your orders while keeping every one safe.