The clothing brand for Cat People. We think like cats, we speak like cats. What better way to show our reverence than to wear it, loud and proud. Meow, right!



Bow your head
Kiss my paw
Keep me fed
Trim my claws
Iā€™m a royal-bred
Higher than the law



Meow, meow, meow. Purr, purr, purr.

Meow, meow meow a meow. Purr, purr purr a purr. Meow purring a meow. Purr meowing a purr. Meow then purr. Purr then meow. Meow meow purr purr, meow of purr. Hence, purr meowily meowed meow and meow purrily purred purr. Meow purr, meow purr, meow meow, purr purr. Meow the meow. Purr the purr. Meow meow the purr purr. Purr purr the meow meow.

To sum up, meow you.


Many people asked, “Why cats?”

Most of the time I would just answer, “Because, there is a market.” Generic and straight forward.

I seldom get into how I actually find cats intriguing and seductive (not in a sexual way please, I’m not Belle, but then again I do find Catwoman attractive, sexually).

The truth is, the deeper I get myself involved with the designs, the more I am drawn to cats. And every cat is beautiful in its own way. The way they look. The way they move and carry themselves. The way they act. The sound they make. Everything.

My designs usually revolve around the different emotions and characters of a cat; proud and confident, unapologetic, never approval-seeking, naughty, adorable, and sometimes just blatantly rude and mean. Come to think of it, I am talking about myself. Holy shit! I am a cat.

– Grace, Founder of KingPurr



KingPurr’s products are printed on demand and shipped from California and North Carolina, USA, or Riga, Latvia.



Cats are fancy. And we love cats. Our artworks would only be printed with quality on quality products. Any damaged or defective item would be replaced.