Bow your head, kiss my claws. Keep me fed, trim my claws. I’m a royal-bred, higher than the law.



Purr, purr, purr. We are obsessed with cats. We make cats art on stuff we wear and can see all the time. Oh, and we also like to think and speak like a cat. Meow. Hence, watch out, we bite.

To say we find comfort in making cats art is an understatement. We get high on it. Colors are filled, lines are drawn, and dots are connected. These are all done with a single purpose. To illustrate a cat. We hope you, like us, may find our designs either comforting, or provoking. Or, both.

Whether you’re a cat lover or someone with a personality of a cat, it doesn’t matter. As long as you like what we have to offer, we are grateful. Thank you.



KingPurr’s products are printed on demand and shipped from California and North Carolina, USA.



Cats are fancy. And we love cats. Out of respect to cats, we would only accept our products to be printed with quality on quality products. Any damaged or defective item would be replaced.